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Highlands Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, located in Montville, NJ, uses manual therapy, functional corrective exercise strategies and weight management to fully integrate the body’s entire musculoskeletal and neuromuscular system to allow for proper healing, prevention and recovery from injury, and to achieve optimal function, fitness and sports performance.

We are also able to work with patients to improve eating habits and behaviors in order to achieve their nutritional goals of weight loss, prevention of disease, enhanced sports performance and improvement of overall energy and health.

Each patient has the opportunity to follow our weight loss program during their course of physical therapy to help facilitate recovery and improve their overall health and fitness.  Our clinics have state-of-the-art exercise equipment full of bright colors, motivational and educational materials, and a fun, positive atmosphere full of energy, intensity and action.  We appreciate the opportunity and thank you for entrusting your health in our hands.

At Highlands Physical Therapy we believe in a holistic, multi-dimensional approach to help our patients bounce back, soar beyond all expectations and achieve optimal function.  We treat our patients as whole individuals providing a comprehensive evaluation, assessment and treatment intervention.  We educate, empower and energize our patients at every visit.  Our mission is to provide quality care and great service to help our patients achieve success in attaining their goals.

We accept Medicare and work with most major insurances even if we are not listed in your insurance company’s provider book or website.







  • Licensed Physical Therapists
  • Initial Evaluations Within 24-48 hours
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Convenient Location with Easy Access & Parking
  • Personalized Treatment Plans
  • Back to Golf
  • Runner & Triathlete Programs
  • Running and Gait Analysis
  • Weight Loss Program
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Performance Enhancement & Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)
  • Active Release Technique (ART)
  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)




Matthew Mandel, PT, DPT, a Board Certified Doctor of Physical Therapy, graduated with his B.S. in Movement Science from the School of Kinesiology at the University of Michigan where he had the privilege to work with the U of M Football Team who became the 1998 National Champions.  Soon afterwards he completed his Master’s and Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. He uses manual therapy, functional corrective exercise strategies, and weight management to fully integrate the body’s entire musculoskeletal and neuromuscular system to allow for proper healing, prevent and recover from injury, and to achieve optimal function, fitness, and sports performance.

Matthew uses the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Selective Movement Assessment (SFMA) as part of his comprehensive movement evaluation. Matthew is a Performance Enhancement and Corrective Exercise Specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine that enables him to perform movement assessments and biomechanical analysis to observe and develop injury prevention and optimal sports performance programs to athletes and the general population. He uses his extensive knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics to help people overcome musculoskeletal injuries, surgery, and impairments to regain optimal daily function.

Matthew is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Council of Exercise as well as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He has been training clients for over 20 years in order to lose weight, build muscle, feel and look great, improve strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, balance, power, and agility using a blend of free weights, stability ball training, functional training, high intensity interval training (HITT), sports conditioning, yoga, and pilates.

Matthew Mandel has completed the Clinical and Sports Nutrition/Holistic Health program from the Academy of Natural Health Sciences. He works with clients to improve eating habits and behaviors in order to achieve their nutritional goals of weight loss, prevention of disease, enhanced sports performance, and improvement of overall energy and health.

Matthew has completed several marathons and Ironman Lake Placid in 2013.


Additional programs are available. Contact us for information on additional or specialty programs you may need.

Orthopedic Care

Neck & Headaches
Low Back/Spine Conditions
Arthritis/Degenerative Joint Disease
Surgical Repairs/Reconstruction
Joint Replacements
Manual Therapy

Sports Medicine

Injury Assessment & Treatment
Injury Education & Prevention
Athletic Training Outreach
Knee, Shoulder, Foot and Ankle Rehab
Orthotic Fabrication
Overhead Athlete (Throwing Injuries)
Sports Performance Enhancement
Personal Training
Endurance Training
Active Release Technique (ART)
Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)
Kinetic Chain Analysis
Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)

Worker's Compensation / Rehabilitation

Work Rehabilitation
Post-Offer Employment Testing
Work Conditioning/Hardening
Industrial Consultation
Ergonomic Analysis

Specialty Programs

Weight Management
Wellness Program
Nutrition Education
Cancer Related Fatigue Program
Balance/Fall Prevention
Vestibular Rehabilitation
Post-Concussion Exertion Protocol


Patient Forms

For your convenience, you may print and complete these forms prior to your first visit.

New Patient Registration Form Packet

Functional Outcome Questionnaires

Please fill out the appropriate survey prior to your first visit.

Arm, Shoulder and/or Hand Pain
Low Back Pain
Lower Extremity Pain
Neck Disability

Monthly Newsletter

Physician Use

Prescription Form
This copy may be faxed, mailed or hand delivered to the clinic. DO NOT EMAIL PRESCRIPTION.


For Additional Questions Please Contact Us At (973) 794-4100

Can I choose where I want to have therapy?

Yes. The choice of where you receive therapy is always yours. While the majority of our patients come to us by physician referral/recommendation, many clients request to see us due to our strong clinical reputation in the community.

Do I need a physician referral to receive therapy?

We operate in a direct access state where, if your insurance plan authorizes self-referral to physical therapy, a physician referral is not necessary for you to be seen by a licensed therapist. Please check with your insurance though as many health insurance plans require a physician’s referral for therapy to be covered. We also offer treatments, services and/or products that do NOT require a referral and are available on a self-pay basis.

Does your facility accept my insurance?

We participate in the majority of major health insurance plans including Medicare and Worker’s Compensation. Please contact us prior to your first visit to see if we participate with your specific health plan.

Does your facility submit claims to my insurance company?

As a service to our patients, we will gladly file claims with your insurance company on your behalf. In order to appropriately submit these claims, we will need to obtain a copy of your insurance identification card to ensure that we have the necessary information.

Your First Visit:

Your therapist will conduct an evaluation of your condition lasting between 60-90 minutes. The evaluation is necessary to create a program designed specifically to address your needs for a maximum recovery.

What do I bring on my first visit?

– Referral slip from your medical doctor
– Your medical insurance card
– Your ID
– If you are getting therapy as a result of a worker’s compensation claim or an automobile accident, you will also need to bring your claim information, including claim number.

Please arrive 15 minutes early on your first visit to fill out any necessary paperwork.

What do I wear?

We recommend comfortable clothing such as sweatpants or shorts, a T-shirt or tank-top and sneakers.

How long is each visit?

Each visit will last 60 – 90 minutes on average. Times vary due to the treatment and exercises being performed.

How often do I go to treatment?

The regularity of your visits will be determined after your initial evaluation, but most patients have 3 visits each week scheduled.



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